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    Mr. Johnson人妻无码一区二区三区四区
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    Mr. Johnson人妻无码一区二区三区四区

    Here's another part to Charlie and Mr. Johnson's adventures ;) like before, feel free to rate, review and PM me suggestions. It had been almost two months since Michael and I had had sex. We had continued having wonderful sex at least twice a week since then. Sneaking around Alison and doing it whatever chance we got. It was extremely exciting, and he was my first love. My crush had completely gone from being a mere crush to full-on love/lust for Mr. Johnson. He felt the same now also, and our relationship was wonderful. It is now December 22nd and my parents have allowed me to go on a ski trip, to a resort in Colorado, with Michael and Alison, who is also bringing along Josh. I'm staying over at Alison's tonight before our flight leaves at 6am tomorrow. Michael is already asleep and Alison, Josh and I are watching TV in the basement converted into entertainment room. I fake yawn and pat the two love birds, who can't seem to stop making out, on the head before heading upstairs. I know Alison isn't going to come upstairs until we have to leave in the morning, her and Josh are probably already taking each others clothes off with me out of the room. I shower, brush my teeth and wash my face, slipping on an oversized shirt over my naked body before walking downstairs to the basement door. I hear moans and whimpers, along with the steady bounce on the sofa bed, and Ali saying "Oh Josh!" over and over again and giggle, jogging up the stairs and opening Michael's door quietly. I close it back and climb onto his California King bed and straddle his lap. When I lean down and plant a kiss on his cheek, his eyelids flutter but don't open.I crawl down and slide his semi-hard cock out of his pajama pants. There's a bead of pre-cum on the tip, he must be having some really great dreams, I think to myself and giggle before leaning down, licking the tip softly. I hear him groan and look down groggily, "Charlie?" "Who else would it be?" I say before taking him in my mouth and sucking firmly, my tongue running around his head. "Oh Charlie," he moans roughly, taking my head in his hands. "Baby, Alison's still here.." I continue licking his head, around and around like it's a lolipop as I reply, "It's okay, she's not going to come up here, she's passed out downstairs." (He didn't need to know his daughter was having sex.) I climb up his body, hovering my soaked pussy over his already completely erect cock and slowly slide myself down, moaning as each inch of him pops into me, stretching me in the best way possible. "Besides.. doesn't this make it so much more exciting?" I ask, breathlessly as I whimper, getting used to his size. "Fuck..." is all he replies and I slowly start to bring myself up and down, rhythmically bouncing slowly and firmly. He places his hands on my hips and starts to meet my bounces with sharp thrusts. I moan louder and place my hands behind me on the bed, between his thighs, letting him grab my hips harder for leverage as he starts to thrust up into my awaiting pussy. I whimper and moan, biting my bottom lip to keep from moaning too loud. He pounds me from below and I meet his thrusts, wanting to feel every inch him hitting my core. "Michael...!" I moan and toss my head back, letting him take complete control of me. I look down to see his cock slide in and out of my pussy, both of our juices making his cock glisten in the moonlit room. I feel myself start to tighten, more and more as I get closer to the edge of my orgasm. He groans my name and starts to pound me harder than before, fucking me roughly and intensely as he gets closer to shooting his cum inside of me. Within seconds he's doing just that, filling me up as I clench and squeeze and spasm around him with my own orgasm. I fall down on top of him, giggling and moaning tiredly, small beads of sweat falling down each of our foreheads as I kiss him deeply. I loved this quick, rushed sex that we had every once in a while. The feeling that Ali may walk in at any moment was both terrifying and thrilling--for the both of us. I roll off of him and walk into the restroom, getting the towel I used and wiping the cum that's dripping down my thigh, I sneak a taste in and moan softly--he tastes wonderful. And if you're wondering, yes, I am on the pill. I have been since I got my period when I was 13. My periods were irregular and for my own health, my doctor put me on the birth control pill. It just happened to be a lucky coincidence that I happened to be a cum slut. ;) The next day was rushed--we all woke up late, of course. All four of us had been up much later than expected--fucking the shit out of each other--and we didn't know it. Well, no one but me. We walked through the airport and I was overly comfortable in some leggings, an oversized cream sweater and tan UGG boots. Thankfully we were on-time for our flight, and we boarded with some hot Starbucks and scones. Another reason to be thankful was that this trip was a gift to Michael's law firm because of their great work they'd done this year, meaning that we got the royal treatment. First class tickets and an awesome suite at the resort. The first class seating was amazing, only two people per aisle with an optional curtain (since it was such an early morning flight) and blankets and pillows provided for everyone, each set of seats was like its own personal cubicle. The seats were pressed up against each other but they were huge and luxurious--and they reclined. I walk over to sit with Ali, wishing that I was sitting with her father instead, and she shakes her head at me, pulling me down as her father and boyfriend put our luggage in the overhead compartment. "Josh and I want to sit together, we kind of want to join the mile high club, be a pal and sit with my dad? I know I know, it sounds incredibly boring and maybe even weird being with him for that long of period of time but I promise I will make it up to you, just put on a movie or something and you can totally ignore him the entire time," she saysquickly and pouts. I wonder how she did that in one breath.I put on the biggest disappointed face I can achieve while secretly dancing inside and nod, sighing, "Fine!" The devil on my shoulder just smirks and rubs her hands together manically. She kisses my cheek and squeals, "Thank you!" Josh slides into the seat that's supposed to be mine and I look at Michael and he looks at me with one raised eyebrow, I shrug and bite my bottom lip, trying to fight the goofy grin threatening to show before walking a few feet away and into the window seat, before being joined by Michael."Hello, Mr. Johnson," I say flirtily, and he smirks, shaking his head and leaning back. "So you're stuck with the old, no fun guy on this flight huh?" he replies playfully but the look he's giving me makes me think that we may be joining the mile high club today too. My insides immediately turn to mush and my pussy soaks through my thong and into my leggings at the thought. "Yup, unfortunately," I wink and buckle in, preparing for take off. He chuckles and settles into his oversized chair, "Oh Charlie..." he whispers and looks at me. The way he looks at me is a mixture of love and lust and I can't help but lean over and kiss him hard. He closes the curtain quickly and kisses me back hard, pulling away and smiling at me, "Darling, we can't do that whenever we'd like, especially not with Alison so close by. Make sure the curtain is closed." I nod and pout playfully as the curtain is pulled open by a stewardess who seems to be about Michael's age, she's blonde and bodacious and could be a stripper with her body. She smiles at Michael and looks at me, assuming that I'm just his daughter no doubt, "All buckled in?" I nod and she looks down at Michael's crotch, which has a small bulge from our make out session and she leans down and touches his seat belt, pretending to check it but really just wanting to get close to his bulge. I have to refrain from jumping across the seat to her and choking her to death, I look at her with fire in my eyes and she steps back, smiling at him. "Stupid whore," I whisper, crossing my arms across my chest. I hear Michael chuckle but I'm too busy staring holes into her back as she walks towards the front of the plane. I feel his hand slip onto my thigh and go a bit higher, "She has nothing on you, Charlotte." I look over at him, take a deep breath and smile, nodding. Ten minutes later and we are at our designated height and the seat belt lights go off. I unbuckle mine and curl into Michael's side. The stewardess--the stupid whore--comes and asks us if we'd like any drinks or snacks. "No," he says firmly and closes the curtain. I giggle and close my eyes, curling into him some more, thinking that we are actually going to be sleeping when he raises my chin and kisses me hard, his tongue massaging mine in such a way that it makes me moan very quietly. "You didn't think we'd be actually sleeping did you?" he asks as he pushes me back and pushes the arm rests separating us up. He grabs my leg and throws it across his lap, my legs wide open. He slides his hand up my inner thigh until he reaches the wet spot in my leggings, right over my thong covered pussy. He bites his bottom lip and looks at me as he begins massaging right over my cunt, "You naughty girl.." I giggle and look at him, leaning back on my hands. He pulls me by my leg until my butt is half on him and half on the seat below me, one foot hanging off of his lap and the other balancing myself on the floor. Igasp at his sudden forcefulness and get even more wet than before. He places a finger into the wet spot and I feel him slightly enter me. "Were these expensive?" he asks and I look at him, confused and then shake my head. He smirks, "Good." And uses both hands to rip a hole a few inches wide in my leggings. I gasp louder and have to hold in a moan as he pushes my thong to the side slides two fingers into me, his thumb on my clit as he starts pumping his fingers in and out of me, my juices making sloshing noises as he finger fucks me. I have to bite my bottom lip to the point of tasting blood to keep from moaning as he controls every nerve in my body with three fingers. I wrap my arm around his neck and kiss him hard and deep, moaning into his mouth as he continues pounding me with his fingers, "Oh my gosh..." I whimper into his mouth as I feel myself start to cum. He pulls his fingers out a minute after my orgasm subsides and licks my sweet, tangy juices from his fingers, sharing them with me in intense kisses as I lay across his lap, my pussy uncovered beneath ripped leggings, my thong pushed to the side and the thighs of my leggings now covered in juices. He licks my lips and slips his tongue into my mouth, groaning softly, "What have you done to me Charlie? It's like I'm an insatiable teen all over again.." I smile at him and kiss him hard, climbing onto his lap sideways and pulling his sweatpants down, stroking his erect cock firmly and slowly, loving the look of him in complete pleasure. I feel his strong arms wrap around my butt and he lifts me and lowers me onto his cock. With my legs closed tightly and me being sideways on his lap, it's a completely new feeling. He covers us with a blanket, in case a stewardess interrupts, it'd just look like I was curled up on his lap sleeping. He starts pumping in and out of me at a tortuously slow level, I look into his eyes and moan softly, kissing him gently as he slowly lifts his hips and then lowers them, allowing me to feel every single centimeter of his cock go in and out of me. If this isn't lovemaking, I don't know what is. I rest my head on his neck and slowly kiss his neck as he continues his slow pumping when our curtain is opened by the same stewardess.I stay completely still and act like I'm asleep, with my head on Michael's shoulder. My heart is pounding and I can feel his heart beating pretty hard. "Oh, I'm so sorry sir, I didn't realize your daughter was sleeping," I hear her whisper. "It's alright, did you--" he begins to say and I tighten my pussy around him, wanting to make him even hotter. He clears his throat, covering his groan, "Did you need something?" he asks."We're half an hour away from landing, just wanted to make sure everyone was satisfied with their drinks and snacks as we won't be serving anymore after this," she states. I feel his cheeks move as he breaks into a grin, "Oh, we're quite satisfied, thanks for everything," he says and I hear the curtains close. I start giggling uncontrollably and he smacks my ass from under the blanket. "You're in so much trouble!" he shouts in a whisper andraises me at the perfect level, I plant my feet on my seat and place a hand behind his head on a wall as he starts pumping into me,美女扒开内裤无遮挡18禁免费观看 in and out, hard and fast. Any traces of my previous giggling ceases and I begin to whimper loudly, biting my bottom lip and clenching my pussy around him to make it that much tighter for him. His cock slides in and out of my soaking wet pussy, the excitement from almost getting caught to Ali being a few feet away and the fact that we're having sex in a plane making the sensation a thousand times better. He kisses me hard, groaning into my mouth as I feel him shooting his load inside of me, I groan back into his mouth as I clench my pussy around him over and over, milking his cock for all of its cum as my orgasm peaks and calms. We kiss each other, our pleasure and love and lust for one another completely overtaking any other feelings and make out for what feels like hours, but just happens to be about 20 minutes, when the seat belt light comes on again. I giggle and shakily get off of his lap, keeping my legs closed as I feel his cum slowly start to slide out. I grab the napkins from my Starbucks bag and open my legs, wiping the cum and shaking my head at Michael, with a playful face that says he's in trouble. He grins like a little boy on Christmas and I'm glad that I'm the reason for that smile. I playfully toss the soaked napkin at him and he bats it away like it's a bug and I roll my eyes, kicking it under my seat, hoping that the stupid whore of a stewardess has to clean up after us. I giggle and buckle up as the captain says we are preparing for landing. As we're walking through the airport, I blush uncontrollably, hoping that no one--especially Ali--notices the fact that my leggings are torn in the crotch. I walk a little awkwardly and I see Michael smirking at me, I give him the finger when I'm sure Ali isn't looking. We're picked up by a large SUV and we're shuttled off to the resort. The suite is one of the largest they have, with each of us having our own bedrooms, two bathrooms for us to share and a full kitchen, living room and dining room. It's absolutely breathtaking, with a wonderful view of the snow covered mountain tops. I quickly walk into my room, throw the leggings into the trash and throw on some Victoria Secret PINKsweatpants, putting my UGGs back on and walking back into the living room.We spend the rest of the day touring the hotel, relaxing and drinking (in our suite). Mr. Johnson left for a while to go attend to some business details; what he'd left out was that he was here not just for family time but for work, which is why he allowed Alison to bring her two friends along. Ali was pretty disappointed but Josh and I quickly cheered her up, opening up a couple bottles of wine and drinking to our heart's desire. On Christmas Eve, we spent the day skiing around the mountains and having a blast. I was so exhausted that night that I didn't even have the chance to spend alone time with Michael, I fell asleep chatting with Ali and Josh in the living room. The next morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes and coffee. We all gathered around to eat room service breakfast food (which was amazingly delicious) and open presents. It is now Christmas night, Ali and Josh went to a romantic dinner in the five star restaurant in the basement of the hotel, leaving Michael and I alone. We order more room service food, a delicious three course meal that Ali and Josh were probably also having, and a very expensive bottle of champagne. "That was amazing," I say and lean over and kiss him deeply. He groans and stands up, grabbing my sides and pulling me up so my arms are wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist. He brings me to the other side of the dinner table, which is empty, and sits me on it, kissing me deeply. "That dessert was good, but I'd prefer something a little more tasty," he says with a smirk and pulls my tight red lace dress up, seeing that I went without panties to dinner, and groans as he dives between my legs. I feel his mouth and tongue everywhere, on my thighs, my lips, my folds, my clit and finally inside my cunt. I moan louder and louder, not caring who hears now that Ali is across the hotel.He eats my pussy wonderfully before coming up for air and kissing me, sharing my juices with me just how I like before pulling me to my feet. He slides his dress shirt off, along with his jeans and throws them on the floor. His boxer briefs are nowhere to be seen and I realize he went commando tonight to. He pulls my dress, along with my bra, over my head and throws it on top of his clothes before turning me around and bending me over the table. I gasp and think back to the night of the homecoming dance, when I had imagined just this. I groan as I feel the head of his cock rub against my soaking wet folds before feeling him slip into my pussy from behind and begin pounding me, his hands tight on my hips. The only sound in the room is of the table creaking against our weight, his balls slapping against my thighs as he pounds me and ourragged breaths and moans. The feeling of his cock pounding in and out of me is absolutely incredible, and I moan louder and louder as I get closer to my orgasm. As I cum, clenching my pussy around his cock, he just pounds me harder. I fall onto the table breathlessly, my orgasm tiring me out. He fucks me slowly and leans down, his mouth by my ear. "We're not even close to being finished darling.." I whimper at his words and nod as he raises me up and turns me around, picking me up again and leading me over to the kitchen counter, where he lays me on my back, and places my feet on the edge of the counter, pounding me with all of his might. I whimper, moan and scream as I feel him plowing into my pussy. I raise up and sit on the counter, wrapping my legs and arms around him as he fucks me on the counter. Our moans and whimpers are so loud that we don't even hear the door open or the footsteps. And as I open my eyes, mid-moan, I see a head pop out from the living room, looking into the kitchen. And I gasp, looking at Josh's wide eyes as he watches his girlfriend's father fuck his daughter's best friend. The feeling of being watched turns me on even more and Josh puts his index finger to his mouth as Michael keeps fucking me. I'm staring at Josh the entire time and don't even hear Michael as he states he's going to cum. I just feel his cock twitch inside of me and feel my pussy fill up with his hot cum, I moan and begin cumming as I feel him begin his orgasm. I lay back on the counter, spent as I see Josh smirk at me and walk out of the room. My heart pounds as I think of what Josh is going to say or do, and whether he's going to tell Ali. I close my eyes and bite my bottom lip, before feeling soft kisses being placed all over my chest. I giggle and open an eye to see Michael looking at me lovingly. "I think it's time for a shower, don't you?" he says and lifts me up, walking over to the master suite bathroom.I nod and giggle, climbing into the shower with him. We take a quick shower, washing each others hair and backs before sitting in the livingroom in our PJs. Mine an oversized shirt with some yoga pants and Michael's some flannel PJ pants and a long sleeved Dallas Cowboys shirt. Even dressed down, he is the most handsome man. We cuddle on the couch, watching a Christmas movie until we hear the key slot at the door. We quickly move to opposite ends as Ali and Josh walk in. Ali smiles and walks into her room, stating that she was going to shower. Josh sits beside me on the couch as Michael yawns and says he's going to sleep. We say goodnight to him and Josh wraps his arm around me once it's just us two. "Naughty girl..." he whispers in my ear. I look at him and bite my bottom lip, "Are you going to tell Ali?"He smirks, "Not if you do what I ask." "What do you want, Josh?" I ask, rolling my eyes. "I've been trying to convince Ali to bring you in on our sexual activities and she keeps saying no, not because she doesn't want to but because she's too shy and doesn't want to lose you as a friend. You are sexy and I've heard you're a great fuck, plus I've always had fantasies of you two kissing and eating each other out, damn," he says and scoots closer to me. "So either you join in on our threesome or the truth comes out, that you love to fuck Ali's dad and you lose your best friend." "Ali is way too shy for that!" I say, disbelieving this weird blackmail Josh is doing. He chuckles, "Please, the girl's had an entire bottle of wine, the entire night we've been discussing what we'd do with you, I had to loosen her up somehow, especially after I caught you and Mr. Johnson fucking on the kitchen counter, I knew I could get it to happen tonight." I sigh and shake my head, "I can't believe you're doing this.""I'm not the one who's fucking my best friend's parent," he says with a shake of his head.I smack him in the back of the head, "Fine! Go turn her on and text me when it's time for me to join you." He rubs his hands together with a smile and runs into her room. I sigh and place my head in my hands, I can't believe I'm being blackmailed to do this.. I mean it's not like I'm not attracted to Ali, or girls in general. I've always found girls incredibly sexy and ever since seeing lesbian porn I'd wanted to eat pussy. I mean, it's not like it would be hard, right? I smile at the thought of what I was about to embark on and jump a little when I get a text. I walk into the room and see Josh getting a blow job from Ali, who's on all fours as Josh is standing at the edge of the bed. I walk over to Ali and look at her naked body. She may be tiny but she looks so sexy on all fours, her creamy pale skin giving her pussy an extra pink tone. Her lips are a little more thing than mine and stick out just a little. I crouch beside her and run my fingers up and down her slit. She moans and looks at me, surprised. I smile and shrug, rubbing up and down her slit some more, finding her hard clit easily and I begin rubbing it side-to-side and up and down--just how I like it. She moans louder around his cock, her mouth full. I get on my feet and bend over behind her, leaning down and licking up her wet slit. The taste is a bit like mine, and I want more of it, so I slide my tongue up and down her pink slit, down to her clit and then back up again. Using both hands, I slide her lips apart and slide my tongue deep into her cunt, fucking her with my tongue as I rub her clit. Her muffled moans get louder and I slide a finger into her as I suckle on her clit, sliding my finger in and out quickly. It's not long before I feel her start to clench around my finger, cumming. I lick her pussy lazily and feel Josh groan, no doubt cumming in her mouth. I hear her swallow and as I sit back on the bed she gets on her knees and looks at me, leaning forward and kissing me hard. I'm surprised but happily kiss her back, allowing her to taste herself on my mouth. I open my legs and feel fingers rubbing at my once again wet slit and I open my legs wider, wanting to feel more. I gasp as I feel a cock at my entrance, I open my eyes and see Josh standing there, his cock rubbing against my cunt. I bite my bottom lip, not realizing that he was planning on fucking me too. I look at Ali and she nods in encouragement, I nod at him and moan as his cock--not as thick but a bit longer than Mr. Johnson's--fills me up to the hilt, and he begins fucking me hard and fast. His stamina is definitely higher (being younger) and he fucks me quicker than I've been fucked in a while, his length and speed make it extremely pleasurable and I moan loud. I pull Ali up above my face so her pussy is in my face and I lean up and begin to lick her slit again, wanting to taste more of her yummy pussy. I lick and suckle on her lips and clit and massage her breasts as she moans and rolls her hips against my mouth. Our moans fill the room and I'm glad that Michael is across the suite from us. The sensation of being fucked and eating my best friend's very sexy pussy is almost unbearable and it's not long before I have two orgasms back to back, my pussy clenching around Josh. After another orgasm, Ali collapses beside me and slides her hand down my body, rubbing my clit while her boyfriend pounds her best friend's pussy. I can't believe she's okay with this. Josh pulls out of me as his cock starts twitching and I look at Ali andsmirk as we both get on our knees, our heads pressed against each other as both of our tongues lick along each side of his cock, tasting my and his juices mixed together. I suck his head a little and then let her do so, and then we both lick down to his balls and each take one in our mouths. "Oh my god," Josh moans out and I can feel his balls twitch so Ali and I lay on our backs beneath him and begin stroking his hard length with each of our hands as he starts spurting his cum all over her and I's breasts and faces. We giggle as he moans and falls over breathlessly between us. We make room for him and all lay there, chuckling and panting. A new line was crossed in our friendship, but no matter the circumstances it begun in (blackmail), I would always remember that wonderful night.

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